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We would like to introduce our new partner The Chapel of Light & spiritual Awakening


The Chapel of Light & Spiritual Awakening is a church dedicated to helping all people find gods lights in their life and find their spiritual path
their Mission is:
Our mission is to bring more light into the world. We help people connect with the power of spirit and to become sources of light in our world. We also help people overcome blockades to spirituality in our modern world. We help people find the light, release, and remove those emotional blockages holding them back from true spirituality. Our process helps people connect with the Universal Oneness and the power of Love as a universal force.
We help connect people to their higher spirit selves, the ascended masters (Dwjal Khul, Kuthumi, Saint Germaine, Buddha), and the higher spiritual levels of the spirit plane. We assist in bringing love and light to all the people in the world.
We also help people realize their full potential under the service of God. We help people revel in the Divine Love and Light, and to connect with the Universal Forces connecting all of humanity.

We are handling all donations for the Chapel of Light.

web site :